Prey of Time

Vigour of Time is understated,
felonies sins all non-dated;
with blade of fate gradual gait,
slays prey and obliterate

appears genial with blades disguised,
in deepest slumber comes demise
blades hidden in sheath of pleasure,
murders dreams in all the leisure

comes to prey as a mate,
with bludgeoning designs of fate
makes the mate forget his own,
in darkest hour it comes down

always appears in prey’s control,
taking secrets in every mould
returns favour by giving desire,
puts prey in a quagmire

petards of ironies in prey’s face,
makes him fall from the grace
blades of fate bloodying dreams,
it laughs while prey screams

putting prey at its mercy,
laughs loudest with face swarthy
swaggers over tears with utter disdain,
annihilating prey slowly with pain


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