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About the Unsaid

I have published 94 posts since I started blogging on this new platform. They have generally reflected the state of my mind and heart. The intervening period between them too reflects the same. The longest gap between two posts was of … Continue reading

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Of Death as an event – Insignificant or Catastrophic

Last morning, at about 4:00 AM, my attention was drawn towards Death through this essay of philosopher and journalist Stephen Cave. There was one thing that caught my attention quickly as I read the brief bio of Cave stating that his … Continue reading

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Week 1- 16/6/14 – 22/6/14 – In thrall of memories

Memories are a curious case of human existence. Nobody knows how they exist, where they exist, how they are formed, what triggers their formation, and how they are dissolved. Yet the society exists, because memories exist. The relationships, the bonds, … Continue reading

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On Writing a Diary

I see that I have become quite irregular to the blog. Given that this blog is my best friend, I shouldn’t be treating it so, but then I am a human. A selfish, greedy, mean, mortal devil – a human. It … Continue reading

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Sonnet I: That which Sings

Originally posted on David Emeron: Sonnets:
I sing to thee of winter’s rain, my sweet; I sing of hours spent and hours kept; Of all the dreams beneath this rain, we’ve slept; For all the time I’ve held thy head,…

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