On Writing a Diary

I see that I have become quite irregular to the blog. Given that this blog is my best friend, I shouldn’t be treating it so, but then I am a human. A selfish, greedy, mean, mortal devil – a human. It is only natural that I break relationships whenever I deem it fit, without letting the other person [in this case, the blog] know, or reduce them to mere acquaintance, whenever I deem it is fit to step back. It is only natural that I break all ties, even with a best friend, whenever I deem fit; and form new ties elsewhere, only to dump them in near future, whenever I deem fit. I always try hard to overcome my human fallacies. I have always travelled extra lengths to maintain a relationship, to extirpate the element of frivolity that so naturally glues to the bonds we develop with fellow creatures, animals, mammals, sea creature etc. included. As I said, I am just a human – to fall in the fallacies is merely animation of fatalism .

When I realised that frivolity is seeping in, in my relationship with my blog, my best friend, and that our relationship might fall apart, I decided to brace up. I am now committed to travel that extra length, to preserve the bond that I have now come to cherish with this blog. I will now be maintaining a weekly diary – a personal diary – the events of my sometimes mundane, but mostly exciting existence – which will be evaluated through lens of philosophy, contemporary morals and ethics, politics, language and culture. I promise to improve my prose and make it lighter so as to weave it comfortably with my ideas and thoughts. I do not yet know the protocols of evaluation of events because I have never done so before, however I will develop them gradually. The first question that faces me, even before I write my first weekly diary, is that whether my actions constitute as events. I have no answer.

Dear blog, neither will I let you go, nor will allow you to leave me! We are both here to stay together, and together shall we see what the duck is this life all about. I am aware that life is meaningless. You shall know that too.  Hopefully, those who read, they shall know it too eventually. However, I will not purposely evaluate the events through the good absurd lens of nihilism, rather I will do a double-blind study of events [which I do not know how to do yet, will learn eventually], in which the lens [the conductors] and the events [the subjects] will be stranger to each other, sharing no personal bonds and inflaming loyalty or passions, in fact as cold to each other as a human is, or can be, to fellow humans.


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