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Need A Penpal

Consider this a “Wanted” advertisement. Here is the story of how I came to placing this advertisement. This Sunday, in my old documents and papers, all of which I carry with me – no matter where I live – I found … Continue reading

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A Rant About Agitations and Anxieties

These days I am agitated for no apparent reasons. I know the reasons but I don’t want to face them or do anything about them. Not that I am terrified of facing them but I am not certain whether I … Continue reading

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Being Rhetorical!

I will forever be in debt of Mark Forsyth. For it was his innovative book – The Elements of Eloquence – on rhetorical figures that set me on a greater curve in learning and understanding literature and not only of English language but also … Continue reading


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Birth of a Poem

A poem, having no name, was enmeshed in a heart, waiting to break free from its shackles. While her verses floundered about the lips, she was being betrayed by her own words who were refusing to be put down on the foolscap. They were restless and desperate, and … Continue reading

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About the Unsaid

I have published 94 posts since I started blogging on this new platform. They have generally reflected the state of my mind and heart. The intervening period between them too reflects the same. The longest gap between two posts was of … Continue reading

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