Learning Never Stops

All right, I have now learnt how to swim. At 29, it’s quite an achievement of sort for all my classmates are teenagers. Of course, I am far from being “fluent” in it but I practise every alternate day, and I am getting my coordination of kicks, hands and breathing right. I can now jump into a pool and not sit by its side and see other people having fun in water. My target is to get much better in swimming [I don’t know how to quantify that] by end of this year. May be a simile will come handy. By December, I want to swim like a motorboat. Ambitious? Yes. Impossible? Yes. Still aiming it? Yes.

I have now looked up a violin teacher. I am thinking of learning how to draw the bow across those four strings so that it produces a rhythm that is melodious. However, I am not sure of when I would want to start it. Perhaps, after I am done with my swimming classes, which will be by end of July.

I have come across lectures of Kim Addonizio and Dorriane Laux and their book The Poet’s Companion. All my attempts at learning poetry – as I read the book and listen their lectures – will be posted here [under a different category]. My dear blog, don’t get annoyed of my poetry or my attempts at it for who knows I may end up writing a 21st century masterpiece on your pages. Even if I don’t, you please not be annoyed of all the people.

So long!


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