Week 1- 16/6/14 – 22/6/14 – In thrall of memories

Memories are a curious case of human existence. Nobody knows how they exist, where they exist, how they are formed, what triggers their formation, and how they are dissolved. Yet the society exists, because memories exist. The relationships, the bonds, the friendship, the love, the longing, the wait, the separation, the union – all these social equations exist only because of memories. Imagine if there were to be no such faculty as memory. Would the world be same? Would it not be more painful and full of sufferings? Or would the reverse be true? To not have memories might have saved us from building relationships, their eventual fall and then subsequent sufferings. We will, perhaps, never know.

Many memories rushed in this week. The week was particularly poignant but in the backdrop of a Brobdingnagian happiness. I was not there, yet I was there. I was there, yet there was longing to be there. There was longing to be there, yet it wasn’t particularly a longing. A dear friend got married. To a girl, he always loved. After fighting all odds, they are together to see the sunset of life while holding each other’s hands. Memories are so strong driver of human relationships and love is proven by the fact of their wedding. If not for memories, they might not have felt so strong. Sometimes I wonder whether the memories are created in brain or in heart. When I see them, I like to believe that memories have no connexion with brain, rather memories are created, stored and recalled – from heart. That perhaps explains how neuroscientists have not yet found the cause of memory. They have been looking into brain all this while.

Week started on a low note, but ended on a higher note. A very happy note. In sea of memories, in thralls of nostalgia and in lap of anecdotes – this is where I found myself at the end of the week. I heard those voices whose owners form indelible part of my earthly experience for many years now. No matter how controversial one’s stand on relationships is, but there are some friends who want you to believe in them; not by forcing you, but by their sheer acts of love, respect, gratitude and sharing. I have been particularly selfish to them, leaving them at my will, joining them at my will; however they were not ill-bothered by it, they let me be part of them, they never asked why I left then, why I came back now. May be, it’s just that the frivolity is not in relationships, it’s in humans. Humans like me. They are the friends I will always be grateful to, for being so magnanimous in their conduct. I will always attempt to treat them to those magnificent standards, with which they have treated me, and continue to treat me. I am particularly proud of my friend who got married. People like him and his wife put words like commitment to action, and the words like love to be something more than a mere empty promise or a hollowed feeling of a rambunctious heart. They not only challenge the cynic in me, they defeat it comprehensively.

Food wasn’t particularly great in this week, apart from the English breakfast [in the evening] I had at “Across The Road”, who have the silhouette of Beatles crossing Abbey Road as their business logo. What made the breakfast more delicious was my favourite song of them being played by the live band there, which truly was meant for the week and for the couple of the week:

Life goes on, however, as a friend put up on a social network website, that for every joy of life that passes, something beautiful remains. This week is now weaved into my memory.


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