Ringing Hollowness

I am not a fan of structureless poems or as they call it free-verse poems. I prefer Shakespeare over Pablo Nerudo.  I like pattern, rhythm, rhyme and their interwoven webs in a poem. However, I thought why be restrictive in structures? Poems are all about human expression in mysterious ways with ample imagery. Prose gives us independence to express ourselves in straightforward phrases. Poems give us a platform to say our deepest feelings in terms of imagery, metaphors, so that we express everything yet do not express anything at all. If time and life can have no structure and no definite meaning; does it make any sense that our expressions be structured and have a coherent meaning? I am very certain about my opinions, my feelings, and my rules. So it may be guessed how difficult and how tough it would have been to come up with the following, which may be gibberish at worst and a feeble attempt at poetry at best.
A hollowness rings inside
Very loudly. Its shrill shakes my heart
and soul to their bosons
and fill them with a fear. The fear of uncertainty

never scared of uncertainty.
throwing caution to winds and worries to tides
on waves of uncertainty I loved to ride
with feet firmly on surfboard of confidence and pride.

Not anymore. A heart went estranged,
the philosophy of life
and the manner of living then changed.
pride shows many cracks
with chutzpah pulverised.
surfboard lies lost in the waves
perhaps drifted with another surfer or tide
more I struggle to find the board,
the more I find my life abhorred

in mornings the shrill is louder
then I learn heart is his own marauder 
told him to not indulge in passions’ pursuit 
that he can’t handle the force so brute
yet he dared chased those dreams
he went from one to other extremes
the chase was blind led by longings
with every step emptiness yawning
in the end he lost the chase
but inertia kept him going against fate
now the heart has resided
though momentum is yet to be subsided
this momentum keeps the inside hollow
from this the shrill of emptiness follow

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