First Attempt at Writing a Sonnet [Sonnet I]

Shakespeare’s beautiful sonnets have mesmerised me. After reading his sonnets, I was inspired to pen my own sonnets, or to put it more aptly, to attempt to pen my own sonnets. I read a lot on this subject matter, from various dubious and authentic sources, but then I went back to reading Shakespeare’s sonnets and tried to understand the craft of the great sonneteer. Below was my first ever attempt [very recently] at composing a sonnet. I had written it in one attempt in around 30-45 minutes. I tried to keep it really simple, so that I adhere to basic requirements of writing English sonnets, at least in terms of maintaing 3 quatrains of alternating rhyme and a couplet.  I know that in this one I  made many mistakes, and some of it may be gibberish, but I am also sure that I tried to say something. There are many more, but let me start with this one. And may be with practice, I will improve the craft. So, read on: 
Tears in his eyes, wearing smile on his lips
he talks and meets world with all exuberance
below the frivolous surface his heart slowly rips
on surface is mounted a deceptive facade of ebullience
not that he is not at peace but he is in grief too
and his thoughts are marred with ironies of life
his sadness is pale, with a stark grief and laughter blue
with such constant strifes, his heart and mind is rife
he walks with wings folded, and his desires are now cold
 ambitious, he wants to conquer yet he remains aloof
in seclusion and reclusion he  finds his mind’s mould
of his innermost defeat , there’s no other proof
     he has now forsaken wants, and will to breathe
     inside he is dead, outside is just a recessed sheath

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2 Responses to First Attempt at Writing a Sonnet [Sonnet I]

  1. Although you say you are a beginning “Sonneteer” (as you so eloquently put it) you still write with a certain flare and rythym that catches attention. Very well done. I can’t help but adore the emotion held within these words and the utterance of symbolism.

    • Rahul says:

      Thanks Olivia :) I am glad that you liked it and also appreciated it. This made my day and encouraged me to explore deeper

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