Week 11 – Lost

August 25, 2014 – August 31, 2014

The experience of time depends on one’s perception of how time passes between unfolding of subsequent events. This experience of time is invariably random and is subject to a number of parameters such as one’s moods or spirits, the task at hand, one’s general economic well being, one’s intellectual well being, one’s social well being etc. Last week, I discovered it depended on something else too. Something indefinite. Something I couldn’t gauge. My spirits were fairly high save for one evening. The tasks at hand were also challenging. My economic, intellectual and social well being neither improved nor plummeted in last week. However, somehow I felt the time to be passing really slowly. Almost at snail pace. At a pace, where I could see each frame of its movement. It felt like a slow motion effect was affected into my life last week.

Anyhow and somehow, it passed. Without any major event. Without any remarkable memory. The week was plain. Dull and lull. I can’t recall anything. I am putting all the efforts of my mind to recall something worthwhile from last week, but it seems a futile effort. Blank. The last week is blank in my memory. I started writing this entry on Monday and today is Thursday; and it is incomplete because between these two days I was wondering and made attempts to extract at least one memory that was recorded. However, futile! How can there be no memory of one full week? The week which just went by. Just. Okay, this Sunday, my host country observed its 58th Independence Day. That’s it.

Nothing remarkable. Nothing worthwhile. I don’t even remember what all I read in last week. I cannot recollect any major political event that occurred. Only one question that has remained from/regarding last week – Where was I during last week?


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