Happy New Year! – Keep Walking

My apologies for not wishing wordpress community, my readers, my followers and world-at-large a happy new year. I spent the new year’s eve just like always, wrapped in the duvets, watching television, eating groundnuts, sipping Indian tea and laughing with family. 2013 is the defining year of my life. In future, a large part of my personality, character, emotions, feelings, career, relations, and choice of books  is going to be influenced by the events of 2013. In a way, the year has become inseparable.  Another defining year of my life is the year of 2009. 2009 gave everything, 2013 snatched most of it away.

In the solitary moments, following the midnight stroke of December 31, 2013, I had a tryst with Life. I talked to her. She invited me in a seductive manner, and I followed her. We talked while I struggled to match up with her pace. It seemed none of the events happening around her mattered to her. She was always walking in forward direction. No amount of obstacles made her stop. No heartbreak made her cry. No separation caused her to shed tears. She continued her purposeless journey with a gusto that one may see in a person who just saw his/her destination from a little distance. I wondered if she is of a frivolous or a strong character. I was surprised how Life is not affected by anything.

In 2014, I will follow the Life. I will now keep walking and continue my purposeless journey with a gusto that I saw in Life during the tryst. Life must be lived like Life itself. Keep walking come what may!


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