New Year Resolutions

People make new year resolutions either on the eve of new year or on the first day of the new year. I wanted to be certain. 20 days into the new year, and I have come up with following resolutions:

1. Read 50 books

This is one resolution that I am most likely to stick to. This year the genre of choice of my books is going to be politics. From some of Voltaire’s 20000 letters to Thomas Paine’s Common Sense to Plato’s Republic. All. Another genre that I am considering diving into is that of fiction. I have not read many fictions. Perhaps less than 10. A book that I will be reading is Mark Forsyth’s The Elements of Eloquence. To my list of reading, I also wish to include some “parasite” literature i.e. Literary Criticism as referred to by a recent article somewhere on web. Last year too I made these as part of my readings. Further, I will be including at least 3-4 books on poetry.

2. Time Management and To Not Procrastinate 

In 2013, I got afflicted with this horrible disorder [I am not sure whether this is really “horrible”, for I think I strive under stress and pressure and procrastination works for me] of procrastination. In 2014, I have decided to fight it. 20 days into 2014, and I have done pretty well. No last minute deadline horrors until now. I want to live smoothly. So I will be doing what is called as “Time Management”. Of course, I won’t become slave of time. But I won’t become slave of deadlines either. I will kill the ghost of deadlines and plan my work smartly. 2014 is all about being very active, running here and there, going places, and touching new heights.

3. Sky Diving and Deep Sea Diving

This is my long standing dream. I have now enough finances to easily accommodate me of these experiences. In 2014, I will fly in the sky and dive into the sea. D.E.F.E.N.I.T.E.L.Y

4. Improve Language Skills

This is my life long resolution. I will continue to improve my language skills, and skills of eloquent conversations through reading, reading and reading, and by interacting with interesting people who have wits, charm and are well read.

5. Watch Films

I am not a film buff. Not at all. But in 2014, I plan to watch one film every month. This week I will go for “The Wolf of the Wall Street”. Of course, all by myself. Do not have misfortune of hitching with a pretty colleague, or being in a relationship etc. But by now, many readers would have guessed that “all by myself” is my preferred state of mind. Natural.

6. Travel, Travel and Travel 

If my finances help me right, I wish to travel at least 5-6 countries this year. I want to make one visit to my alma mater, Imperial College London. And also visit the exotic locations of South East Asia.

7. Gym

During first six months of 2013, I was regular in the gym. Change in job and countries have made me miss work out in last six months of 2013. In January of 2014, I have joined the gym once again. I resolve to be regular at gym for at least 10 months.

8. Keep Walking and Keep Laughing

This year I will walk away. Apart from that, this year I want to laugh a lot. I don’t know how that will happen.

9. To spend less

Last year I spent a lot. This year I would get on austerity drive.

10. To blog regularly and write sonnets!

Of course!


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