These days, I am going through “writer’s block”. Whenever I get down to write something, I feel it has already been said and is not original. Moreover, the work pressure is building up, and I am rescheduling my days/weeks. But amidst all this, I am sticking to my new year resolutions. I have joined gym, watched a film- The Wolf of the Wall Street, have put an end to procrastinating, improving language skills [this shouldn’t have been in list of resolutions because I do that anyways], making myself laugh more often and also religiously following my “austerity” drive. I am yet to go for deep sea diving and sky diving, but I have a whole year left yet, to indulge in these luxuries.

The only thing I am struggling with is the ability to come up with thorough narrative on some of the original ideas that I have.  I have many topics to explore and I eventually will, but I am seeing them through different prisms of perspective and the thoughts are not crystallised enough to be blogged. In the mean time, I do keep in touch with WordPress community and read interesting blogs of my followers and the people I am following, for example, David Emeron’s sonnets, Book of Words, Astronomy and Law, The Byronic Man, If Books Could Blog and many more! Hopefully, some fine day, I will write my view on these blogs and all others whose posts regularly spring up in my WordPress Reader.

One issue that I have identified with this “writer’s block” is that my blog has no single theme. I think if I restrict this blog to a theme on a single subject matter e.g., books, music, art, literature, sonnets, review, essays, etc., I would easily overcome this unfortunate block. And then I also wonder that being a “non-themed blog”, gives me much more independence and I can always cover these subject matters at length under different categories that I have created. So as of now, the blog is specialist in being generalist!

I will soon stage a comeback to the world of writing and blogging!


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