Week 3 – In frenzy

30/06/2014 – 06/07/2014

A little late, but as is said better late than never. I have this queer tendency and I am sure many might be having it. However, I do not think it manifests as darkly on all as it does upon me. Whenever I break a schedule, or I am not punctual to a place or an event, or I have to adjust deadlines by delaying them, I feel uneasy. I am sure that many do. However, I am not sure how many spend day in guilt for having broken a schedule, a promise, or of arriving late at an event. At times, I have had sleepless nights. From last two days, for having missed writing about the last week on Sunday, I was going through similar spasm in my mind and thoughts. I feared that this will spell end of my “resolution” or break in commitment towards my blog. I do not like to break commitments; I do not quite feel myself when I do so.

However, as far as the week is concerned, what I can recollect is mainly watching multiple sporting events. World Cup quarterfinals, Wimbledon final and a cricket match played between MCC and ROW at Lord’s. Federer has still in him. The way he fought back in the 4th set of the match tells a lot about his greatness and also tells why he is the greatest tennis player of all time. I am not a tennis specialist, however, watching Federer play is entertaining, and pleasing to me. Hence, for me, he is the best tennis player of all time.

At Lord’s, I saw [on recording later], the God of Cricket, Sachin Tendulkar in his vintage form. After he took retirement from the game, I lost total interest in cricket. It was nice to again watch him in action. He was in vintage form. His cover drives, his punches, his straight drives were all right out of textbook of cricket shots.

The football matches were not as high on adrenaline as I had expected them to be, apart from that of Costa Rica and Netherlands face-off. Costa Rica lived up to their reputation in this tournament, and played a superb game against the European strongmen. However, I am glad that Costa Rica lost, and Netherlands won, since I do not think Costa Rica would’ve been any match to Argentina in semi-finals.

Well, I also thought of writing a blog on lines of “State of Union” address of POTUS, which I shall do soon. The week went well, in laughter, in talks, in chatting with friends, in partying and of course, in reading books and spending ample time with myself.



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