Week 4 – In sleeplessness

July 7, 2014 – July 13, 2014

What a sleepless week! Almost every day was sleepless, it also ended with a sleepless night, watching FIFA World Cup final between Germany and Argentina. What a superb match, what a goal by Mario and what a play by both the teams, though disappointed in Messi. The week started on a high note and amidst lot of work at office. Many new inventions, many new clients and much newer challenges.

This year marks fifth year in my current profession, and I find the work to be challenging every other day. New clients, new inventions, new ways of thinking, new ways of ideation, new ways of analysis, new interpretations, new terminologies, new meanings – I encounter this novelty every other day at work. A significant portion of the week went into meetings away from office, at clients’ site.

I wonder whether I should also capture, in my diary, the news I read, the opinions I formed, and the comments I had for various global events. I have done it for sports, but is it good to touch the sensitive and alienating world of politics? I think, I should. It is big part of my life. To have opinion on political, social and economic ideologies across various nations and to read about them – is certainly a big part of my life and if I don’t record this, my memoirs will not exactly be my memoirs then.

Brace up for new look!


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