Week 8 – Lost

August 4, 2014 – August 10, 2014

How does an aloof and solitude-loving person like me react to a sudden and radical change in surroundings, which start brimming with people? I found myself lost. Totally. Completely. I was annihilated by company of strangers, whom I met out of my own accord. The weekdays were better, worked greatly but the weekend not so. Now that I sit down and think about the events of the weekend, I am not mighty impressed by myself. The weekend was entirely lost on trivia. Though, it is good to be lost in trivia once in a while, but this state of trance must not stretch for more than a few hours of a day. By the time, Sunday night arrived, I felt guilty of having done nothing substantial or worthy during the weekend. It was lost in a silly pub crawl [which I enjoyed when I was crawling] and subsequent non-hangover; however later that evening, I felt bad about the whole business. The weekend gave the impression of having lost the whole week. This was a week I would like to forget. Though, the irony of writing about this is not lost on me.

The week arrived with a bad news that Hamas has violated ceasefire or declared to violate ceasefire, moments after Israel withdrew their troops from Gaza. A terrorist organisation can never be a people’s representative and it is about time that the people of world realise this and help establish a civilised, modern and secular democracy in Palestine, devoid of hatred for Jews.

Well, India lost yet another test match against England. England have been playing very impressively ever since their earlier loss to India. Indian batsmen, as it always happens, are all out of form-simultaneously and suddenly. Next week, or rather this week, I pledge to finish this book I took up around two weeks ago and I would also try to review a book. Of course, my first attempt at book review won’t be exceptional, but I will try to do the best I can.


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