Project Book Begins!

I think I have found the theme for my book that I want to publish someday. I am starting a writing project that I hope will someday, in 2-3 years, culminate into a book worthy of publishing. No, it’s not a fiction. No matter how hard I try, I cannot write fiction. I have accepted this fact. However, I am an observer of seemingly mundane happenings and my project is about recounting the story of what is seemingly mundane. It is tied to a city and its residents. If the project is well on its planned trajectory for next 6 months, I will publish some of the excerpts on this blog, else it would be lost in my collection of numerous pages that I have – online and offline – of unfinished ambitions.


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4 Responses to Project Book Begins!

  1. Rosanna says:

    That’s wonderful! I can feel your excitement….good luck with this project,,,sounds sooo interesting!

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