Glory of Word Throwers

The word throwers – are the ultimate and most socially advanced forms of humans – as far as subject of language and societal interactions and relationships are concerned. To attach no value to your words, and throw them at random and then keep repeating them to every other person you come across or meet or establish any relationship with, without any sense of guilt, remorse, worthlessness, or shame and without any of loss of self-respect – is indeed a miracle of sorts! Those who throw away words just for the sake of it, especially in close professional or business relationships, just to get by or get what they want or for the sake of making other person feel special or different to extract something from them and then repeat those words to some other person only to get what they want or get their way or justify a relationship to themselves, are capable and socially more evolved humans.

The word throwers are the awakened humans. Those who have realised, or were born with the wisdom, that happiness is the only pursuit one must engage themselves in and this can come only by attaching more worth to yourself than to your secondary existence i.e. the words we speak. They keep their interests higher than anything else in the world, and as such, are insulated from the shocks that life so regularly likes to give to its bearer. The word throwers are also more evolved in considering the word of the other person as worthless as theirs. Therefore, they tend to get in and out of life’s situations such as friendships, romantic relationships, love, business associations, promises, etc. quite comfortably, without any sense of loss or without any mental or physical turmoil. They always have back-ups ready.

Consider Presidents or Prime Ministers of strong democratic countries – economic, or cultural or military power. To get elected to the highest office – they must’ve said and made many a promises to their electorate, or said words that their electorate felt to be genuine. They would’ve all done so all through their political career to reach the highest position. How many promises are fulfilled by them? Almost none of the promises are fulfilled. How many of those words are genuine? Almost none. They have a tendency to make promises, give hopes and the electorate has tendency to believe in those promises and words, for the average person is more evolved in accepting the reality or the truth of the worth of the words. These people owe their success to the worthlessness of the words uttered by them, and their utter disdain for attaching value to words. Had any of them been a person who attached value to words, they would’ve struggled a lot, with their conscience, for contesting in the very next election and may have dropped their names from the election altogether, but we all know that this doesn’t happen and that electorate rewards them by voting for them. Again and again. The bigger the lie, the bigger the hope and the grander the words – the more chances of winning.

Those who consider words to be precious and as possessions that carry infinite value among all the items or objects or skills in a man’s repertoire are the less socially evolved humans. The love for words, their impact, their worth and the right place of saying them – it all means a lot to them. They don’t understand the worthlessness underlying the worth that they attach to their words they speak to people. For example, they give a deadline at work and if it is not fulfilled, they cringe and feel lost, while figuring a way to make the cut just in time of the deadline. They continue to struggle with the mundane business of putting worth to what they speak while others get ahead in the corporate rat race just by their more socially evolved skills.

The word throwers are leaders in politics, corporate world, relationships and general sociability. They find “love” everywhere and they “love” everyone as well. As such, everyone “loves” them too. The word throwers are peace mongers. They are diplomatic and versatile in art of deluding the other and their own people. They can do the Orwellian doublespeak and doublethink with panache and give a lesson or two to Big Brother in refining this art. The wars happened in the past because our ancestors took words seriously. The love stories happened in the past for same reason. Shakespeare could write a poison-drinking Romeo, and self-stabbing Juliet because in the good old days, people attached value to the words.

Future is glorious and all this glory belongs to the word throwers. There will not be major wars except against and/or among people who will attach unfounded value or worth to words of a religious book or a political dogma or those of a perceived enemy. In the world of word throwers, there is not a human being or a group of human beings who cannot be won over merely by throwing words with no intention of meaning them. As their kind grows, the world will hurtle towards peace like it never has in its entire history. The word throwers lighten up the world. They make it an easy place to live and eventually die. As the numbers of word throwers increase, there will be certain casualties. First, of the minority who will continue to attach value or worth to their words and those of others.  Second, of the poetry. Third, of the figures of speech. Fourth, of the tears. Fifth, of the good old kind of love too. Sixth, of friendships reverberating through ages, and many more such trivial casualties. In attaining happiness and perpetual peace, these are collateral damages and of least value.


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  1. Heather says:

    Crimethink, yes?

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